I'm Alifya and I was born, raised and now living in Dublin, Ireland. 
I specialize in creating fine art inspired by nature that invokes feeling and motivates the viewer. I love creating beautiful intricate patterns incorporating lettering and colour.
I discovered my passion for art in 2017 in my late 20’s after abandoning it for over a decade due to pursuing a professional career and other interests. After some experimentation with mandala art and through creating the intricate patterns, I got addicted to the art making process. This then led to a keen interest not only in bohemian art but also in calligraphy and lettering.
All my art is hand-drawn using different techniques and mediums and are made with extra special care. Each print is a high quality 600dpi JPEG image, printed as a digital copy of a hand-drawn piece of artwork, that you can frame for a beautiful new addition to your home decor!