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Tips for Painting an Indoor Wall Mural

Alifya Lotya

Wall murals can be a great way to add some character to a space. It's quite unique too, as what better way to add a personal touch than to paint something with your very own hands!
This moon phase wall mural that I painted, features on my bedroom wall. 
Outlined below is my process and top tips for if you want to give it a go for yourself.
Step 1 - Prep the wall
Luckily my wall was quite smooth already so it didn't require much preparation. You may need to repair any uneven sections of the wall first with plaster or paint so do this in advance of getting to work. 

Step 2 - Measure the wall surface

I then measured the wall surface and decided where the design would start and end, making sure the gaps between moon phases were evenly spaced. I first sketched out the wall on a piece of paper and then filled in the measurements. For each of the moon phases I decided where the centre of the moon should sit and then used my compass to map out the circumference.

Step 3 - Outline the large shapes 

I then sketched out the main shapes ie. the moon phases on to the wall. Tip - Take a step back regularly to see how it looks from a distance. It's easy to get the perspective wrong if you only work up close. 

Step 4 - Add the details

I then added the details using a small tip acrylic paintbrush. My moon phases are quite abstract so small errors in the patterns went unnoticed or were easy to hide in the pattern, but if you are planning to work with a more detailed design, you may need to cover up any errors with a wall paint that's the same as your surface. Keep this handy just in case. 

Step 5 - Take progress pictures! 

Progress pictures are a fun way to collate how the painting developed into the final piece. You can create a little video or gif, showing off all your hard work. 


-  Paintbrush (or roller depending on what your design)

-  Rags/paper towels

-  Jar of water for cleaning brushes

-  Measuring tape 

-  Stepladder

 Step 6 - Decorate your mural 

Depending on the wall space that you have and size of the mural, you might want to add some decor to complement the design. I hung some gold wall decorations that I pre-owned and cut these little stars from card. I then used string and pegs to hang from the wall decorations. Have a look at what you own already to see if there are items you can re-purpose instead of purchasing. It will save you money and is also more sustainable!


I hope you have learned some useful tips in this post. Have you ever painted a wall mural? If not, I hope this gives you inspiration to try! 

P.S. See my reel on Insta for a live view! 

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