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The Tools I Use to Create Mandala Drawings

Alifya Lotya


In this post I'm going to talk about the art materials I use on a regular basis. If you are considering starting drawing mandalas or any other type of artwork I think having at least these essentials in your kit will be enough to get you started!

I'm the kind of person that if I find something I like - I stick with it! I don't change up things up that regularly - partly because I find it too stressful trying out a new product and deciding if I like it or not and also because I like to be as minimalist as possible with my collection.

Now if a new product catches my attention and it seems worth the investment then I'll go for it...but after a LOT of research first :)

I do mandala drawings with pen mostly and I don't often work with other mediums such as watercolours, acrylic etc. Although I have seen a lot of other mandala work with paint out there on the web and it looks super cool - so I would like to do more of it in the future!

My list of essentials for drawing :

  1. Graphite Pencils - These are a must for drawing the initial outline of a piece. Always use the lightest shade possible so it will be easier rub out that won't leave permanent marks on your paper. 
  2. Kneadable Eraser - I find putty erasers work best as they can be shaped for precision erasing and don't leave those pesky rubbings all over your work that regular erasers do. 
  3. Drawing Paper - My favourite drawing paper is the Strathmore Mixed Media Series Pad. Mixed Media Paper is great for pens and markers and light painting, so it's perfect for my needs. I got mine form Amazon available here
  4. Pens - I normally use UniPin pens for my black line drawing. This is because I love the quality and finish of the ink. They also come in a range of different tip sizes so they are perfect for intricate line detailing where you want to be changing the line thickness for different elements of the piece. You can find some on Amazon here
  5. Compass - I don't tend to use many drawing tools in my work as I want to make the creative process as organic as possible (and I also like the challenge!). However for the circles I use a compass as this is a must to get those perfect circles in mandala work. 

I hope you like this post and found it useful. Let me know your favourite products in the comments below. I'm always down for recommendations. 


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