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How to Frame Your Prints - My Top Tips

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Framing your prints to suit your specific needs can be a little tricky and once your prints arrive you might ask - how do I frame them? Having the right frame can make a huge difference to the overall aesthetic of your prints. With the tips below you'll be well on your way to having your art displayed in all their glory!

1. Measurements:

Take note of the size of the print, then look for a frame either that size or larger with a mount inside. Mounts add a more classic feel to the overall look of the prints. 

For example, with a 8x10 inch print, purchase a frame sized 12x14 inch with a 8x10 inch window. Always check the window size to make sure your print will fit correctly. 

My prints come with a white border included, ranging from 0.5 to 1.5 inches (with the option of no border on request). For this type of print, a frame with no mount will be well suited because the white border will be visible when framed, taking away the need for a mount. The addition of the white border helps the prints stand out and makes them look more professional. So in this case, if the print is 8x10 inches, choose a 8x10 inch frame with no mount. 

2. Colour of the Frame:

Frames come in a variety of colours the most popular being white and black. When choosing a frame colour consider how it compliments other art on the wall and the colours of the prints themselves. 

To accentuate the prints, a good option is to choose a colour that is in the picture itself. For a more dramatic look, choose a colour that is the complete opposite of the piece itself for eg. gold or silver. A metal frame will probably work best with this look. 

If you don't want to emphasise your art or go for a bold statement then think neutrals. Black, white or wooden are good options here. My prints tend to be on the colourful side so neutral colours tend to work better. And if in doubt, just go for black or white as they look great with anything, so you can't go wrong!

3. How to Display:

Now that your art is framed, there's many different options available for displaying it in your home. You can get creative as you like with this!

  • Create a gallery wall - a gallery wall with a carefully put together collection of prints, is a great way to inject some personality into your room. Tip: place a large print in the centre and build around it, adding complimentary artworks. 
  • Picture shelves - they are versatile and the frames can be rearranged easily since they won't be mounted to the wall. 
  • Utilise your staircase - use the space along the staircase to line up the prints to create an interesting look. Take note the existing colours and textures in this area and be mindful of this when choosing art.
  • Use the floor - a good option if you're living in a rented place and so not to damage the walls. Lean your prints against the walls, or on top of dressers. It will create a more relaxed look. 

Another thing to be mindful of is direct sunlight. Sunlight for prolonged periods of time, will cause colours to fade which would be a real shame! Always consider how much sunlight the prints will receive, before you make your mind up on where to display your prints. 

All my prints are produced using genuine Epson inks that use Claria photo HD technology. This ensures longevity as long as they are properly taken care of. 

I hope you found this post useful. If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch!



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  • Anna Collins on

    My daughter has been taking art classes recently, and I want to frame the paintings she gave me earlier today. I appreciate the suggestion where you said that it’s good to choose a color for the frame that is in the picture itself to accentuate it better. I’ll take note of this suggestion while I look for an art gallery nearby that displays good frames for artworks.

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