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Questions to Ask Before Beginning a Commission Piece

Alifya Lotya

I've found that it's useful to have a list of questions prepared before beginning a commission piece. Below is a (non - exhaustive) list of questions I tend to ask.
Whether you are an artist beginning your journey of taking on commissioned work, or you are someone looking to recruit an artist to bring your vision to life, having answers ready to communicate your needs will save time and provide clarity. 
  1. What is your timeline for completion? When is the latest you require the piece?
  2. Any particular colour schemes in mind? 
  3. Are there any particular shapes, patterns or symbols that you specifically want? Eg. flowers or a textured background
  4. What size of print would you like? 
  5. Anything specific you don't like?
  6. It's useful to have reference photos, but not necessary. Please provide these if you have some? 

For a look into some previous commission pieces see here. 

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